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PC Guard

Softlock PC Guard provides a powerful protection for the installed operating systems and software applications. First, you need only to prepare you system and install all required applications, then install the PC Guard, later on if you face any problem in your system just press recover; everything will be back in seconds.

Softlock PC Gard Versions Image

System Maintenance Problem

Normally preparing computer environment takes a very long time especially in enterprises. User or administrators could spent hours to install the operating system, configuring the devices, registering user information, applying further user customization, installing required software applications and preparing the environment of each software.

After a short while, the computer may be infected by viruses or spywares or becomes heavy or corrupted or crowded. Normally this happens for following reasons:

  • The user has low experience with computer and software.
  • The computer is used by many users.
  • The computer is placed in public place like schools, labs, libraries and internet cafes.
  • Part of the network is infected by malware programs and it propagate to other computers.

Normally, this problem happens after two or three months from previous installation, later the maintenance period becomes shorter. After several fixations the only solution is to format the system and re-install everything again.

Fixing the computer may succeeded or not, may take minutes or days, sometimes the problems cannot be resolved and the only solution is format and to reinstall and reconfigure everything.

For individuals’ computer malfunction is a big problem especial if the user has no experience.

For companies or institutes with large number of employees, computer malfunction is a disaster. Sometimes the problem propagates to several computers once. This problem may lead to huge financial losses due to the continuous maintenance and the continuous work interruption.

Solution using PC Guard

 By using Softlock PC Guard, whenever any problem happens to the system or the installed software, restart the machine, select recover, everything will be restored in a seconds.

Softlock PC Guard is hardware PCI card work with Desktop computers and supports all windows operating systems. Because it is a hardware solution it does not affect the performance and does not affected with viruses and malwares. Alternative software solutions are normally affect the overall system performance and affected by some viruses and malware software.

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