Mobile Applications Protection

The Guardian is a security technology that offers Mobile App Protection features beyond what the operating system can offer, and beyond what can be achieved by normal best practise and programming by app developers. The Guardian protects apps being attacked by malware and spyware on infected devices.   

Mobile Applications Protection

The Guardian - Softlock Offers The Guardian for protecting mobile apps that run within untrusted environments.

Protecting mobile apps that run within untrusted environments is ever more crucial as mobile become ubiquitous. Hackers and their targeted malware are an increasing threat to the mobile revolution. With the explosive growth of the mobile channel and user demand for anytime/anywhere access to mobile services, app providers are challenged to keep up with security, which increases exposure to malicious attacks.


Why Protecting Mobile App with the Guardian is the most secure?

Defeats targeted attacks 

Softlock SHIELD proactively protects your apps against zero-day and other targeted attacks, allowing mobile apps to run securely, even on highly infected devices. If a hacker attacks, Softlock SHIELD will respond by taking necessary measures to fully protect your apps.

Dosen't affect user experience 

Softlock SHIELD protects multiple business apps and is not bound to one application with one business logic, it allows for effective scaling across multiple apps of the organization while maintaining an optimal user experience.

Quick to deploy

Softlock SHIELD provides an automated implementation process. Once integrated, Softlock SHIELD sifts through the business logic, event and data flows of the app, before binding itself to existing code. This allows organizations to quickly release protected apps, without affecting the development timeline!

Trusted by Tier 1 clients worldwide! 

Softlock works across a range of industries with a variety of global Tier 1 clients, counting customers in industries such as finance, health, IOT, and the public sector. Softlock’s patented deep protection technology Softlock SHIELD, protects apps and applications used by more than 100 Million users.



The Guardian Protects Mobile Apps against:

- Malware

- Emulator/fake execution environment

- Debugger (Java Debugger, Native debugger)

- Repackaging (Fake, Manipulated Apps)

- System- and User-Screenshots

- Keylogging : untrusted Keyboards

- Keylogging and Screen-Scraping : untrusted Screen-readers -

Native Code-Hooks

- External Screen sharing (content being displayed ‘outside’ the screen of

the device – for example by screen sharing).

 - Asset integrity checks: Softlock App SHIELD can perform

  more in-depth integrity checks of files and assets inside the APK.

- Softlock App SHIELD will verify the integrity of the matched files

  when starting the application.



- Cloning of the device

- Rooting/Jailbreak

- Code-Injection (prevent Runtime Library Injection

- Hooking-Frameworks

- Whitebox-Crypto features, to prevent ‘important keys’ from being present

(and possible stolen) in memory at any time.

- Stealing of sensitive data from the app (at rest or otherwise)

- Man-in-the-App Scenarios

    Man-in-the-Middle Scenarios (related to network communication)

- API: Foreground override detection (“Overlay- Detection”)

    This feature detects if another application is placed in front of the

     currently working application in order to perform a phishing attack.

      This is sometimes referred to as an overlay attack, which has been

       widely known to be done by certain types of Android malware.


Mobile Applications Protection

The Guardian - Softlock Offers The Guardian for protecting mobile apps that run within untrusted environments.