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VCD - Video CD Protection

VCD is common technology to distribute video files or movies on compact disk to be played on VCD players, which can be connected to the TV set or be played on PC using special software.

VCD makes it easier to store these types of entertainment video files on very widespread media like compact disks (CDs), which minimize the storage size, increase the portability and the video quality. Hence many movie distributors have found the VCD to be a new suitable solution to distribute their movies and video films instead of videotapes, but they also need to be sure that this kind of distribution is immune to illegal copying and pirating. This is what guided the Softlock Company to establish a new protection solution to satisfy all the VCD vendors’ needs.

VCD Protection Schema description

Softlock.VCD® stops almost all known methods used to make illegal copies from the original VCD, as well as the extraction of video tracks to video files using ripping programs.

 The most common ways used to pirate and redistribute the VCD:

  • Distributing the video files (*.DAT) that exist on the VCD.
  • Copying all of the VCD to a new blank CD-R using CD Copier software or hardware.
  • Ripping the video tracks to generate MPEG files that can be exchanged on the Internet or on any storage media.

Softlock.VCD stops all the above methods for VCD pirating.

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