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Security Shop Softlock Safe CD Protection PRO

Softlock Safe CD Protection PRO

Safe CD provides Software CD Protection. It protects CDs from illegal copying. It protects Software and Data on CD with strong Copy Protection techniques. Safe CD provides strong and easy way to apply data encryption, it can encrypt PDFs, Videos, Images, Audios and any provided data file. Safe CD is recommended for distribution with large amount (1000-40,000).

Safe CD technique recognizes original CD medium in almost all CD/DVD drives. For that reason CD copiers will fail to produce a working copy of the CD. Safe CD also stops CD emulation using Virtual Drives Software.

From 1 to 9 Single Title License350 USD$
From 10 to 19 Single Title License340 USD$
From 20 to 29 Single Title License330 USD$
From 30 to 49 Single Title License315 USD$
From 50 to 99 Single Title License295 USD$
100 Single Title License or more275 USD$
Softlock Safe CD Protection PRO
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